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  • Special Edition Ernest & Célestine characters

    Special Edition Ernest & Célestine characters

    Belgian biscuits and lovely strip characters !
  • Our perles

    Our perles

    A Desobry Perle is a unique combination of a Belgian biscuit and a praline made with delicious Belgian chocolate.

Maître Biscuitier Belge depuis 1947

It's time to tell you our history...

It all started in 1947, when Léon Desobry began baking to his own delicious recipes at his factory. Without knowing it, he created biscuits that would be universally enjoyed in more than 40 countries, for over half a century!

Desobry biscuits are authentic Belgian products, made at our biscuit factory in Tournai, with real Belgian chocolate.

A little Belgian biscuit, a great food family

Belgium has an impressive gastronomic history: beer, chocolate, speculoos, waffles (Liège-style or Brussels-style), waterzooi, chips, etc.

How can such a small country produce so many different flavours? We don’t know the answer to that question. One thing that is certain is that Belgians love the good things in life, and lovers are passionate people ...

Biscuit maker Desobry is proud to belong to that family of enthusiasts and to make its contribution to the culinary arts of Belgium. You only need to taste one of our delicious Belgian biscuits to testify to that.

  • Very high quality products

    100% Belgian, made in our own factory at Tournai

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