What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User's computer when a site is visited.
A distinction is made between permanent and temporary cookies on the one hand, and direct and indirect cookies on the other hand.
Cookies are permanent when they remain on the user's computer even after closing the browser.
Temporary cookies disappear as soon as the user closes the browser. Direct cookies are sent by the site itself, indirect cookies come from third parties.
Some of these cookies memorize the functional preferences, such as the choice of the user of the language. Other cookies are intended to allow the analysis of information, such as the number of visits to a website. Yet other cookies are used for marketing purposes.

Types of cookies

The main types of cookies that websites can use are described below:

Session cookies

These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies

These remain in your web browser's cookie file, even after the browser closes, sometimes for a year or more (the exact length will depend on the lifetime of the cookie in question). Persistent cookies are used when the site operator may need to know who you are, for more than one browsing session (for example, to remember your username or website customization preferences).

Internal cookies

These are cookies planted on your browser and / or hard drive by the current site you are visiting. This is to assign a unique identity for you in order to follow your journey on the site. Website operators often use first-party cookies for session management and for recognition purposes.

Third party cookies

These are cookies used by third parties, such as social networks, to track your visits to different websites on which they make announcements. The website operator will not have control over these third-party cookies.

What is the use of cookies?

Desobry wants to keep you informed of this new legislation and the cookies used. Cookies enable Desobry to optimize your visit to a website, to remember technical choices (for example: a language setting, a newsletter) and to show you more relevant services and offers.
If you want to consult the website of the Desobry shop, we recommend that you allow cookies. However, if you do not want this, you can disable cookies (see also "How can I manage cookies?").
We use cookies to improve your visit to our site. The cookies we use are safe. The information we collect through cookies helps us to identify errors, or to show you specific services that we think may be of interest to you.
We may store information about you directly. We may also use cookies from carefully selected partners with whom we collaborate and who advertise our services on their websites.

Which cookies does this site use and why?

If you want to consult the website of the Desobry shop, we recommend the activation of cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. If cookies are disabled, we may not be able to guarantee that your visit to our website will be trouble-free.
If you nevertheless wish to limit, block or delete cookies from this site, you can manage the settings of your browser as described in the section "How can I manage cookies? ".

Functional cookies

PHPSESSID: Contains the current PHP session. PHP is the language used to propel this site.
PrestaShop- {unique identifier}: PrestaShop serializes the data specific to your use of the site (your identifiers, encrypted, your basket, the currency and the language you use, as well as any technical information useful to improve your use of the site .

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